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Q: How can I trust your trading performance?

When verifying performance, there are two questions to ask.
First: is the broker is well regulated, reputable and based in an established financial jurisdiction?
Second: who is tracking the results? Is it a neutral 3rd party?
My performance is tracked by Myfxbook and verified by IC Markets.

Q: What's "drawdown"?

There are a few ways to describe drawdown, but the most common definition is: the largest percentage decline of equity from peak to trough. It refers to the largest cumulative paper loss in the history of the account.

Q: How much profits can I gain from copying your trades?

There's no way to tell. I cannot guarantee any level of profit and anyone who says they can is either ignorant or lying. The only thing I can guarantee is that I will be working hard to maximise gains and minimise losses. After all, I have significant skin in the game - I'm trading with my own money too.