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Q: How does the trade copying work?

I trade with an industry standard MAM (Multi-Account Manager) account. When you join, you'll get instructions to set up a sub-account that will be linked to the main MAM account.

Then, all actions I take on the MAM account will be automatically and proportionately copied on your sub-account.

Q: How is my trading lot size determined?

The size of your trades will be determined by the size of your account.


Attached to the MAM account are three sub-accounts:

  1. Sub-account #1: $50,000
  2. Sub-account #2: $100,000
  3. Sub-account #3: $150,000

​The MAM account thus consists of a combined total of $300,000.

Now when I trade with 10 lots,

  1. Sub-account #1 trades with (50,000 / 300,000) * 10 lots = 1.67 lots
  2. Sub-account #2 trades with (100,000 / 300,000) * 10 lots = 3.33 lots
  3. Sub-account #3 trades with (150,000 / 300,000) * 10 lots = 5 lots

The total is 10 lots traded.

Q: Do I have to install any software?

Nope! Everything is hosted with the broker and the trade copying will occur automatically.

Q: Will my funds be safe?

Absolutely. Your account is legally segregated and I will never have access to your login details or funds. The trade copying process is fully handled and managed by the broker.

Q: May I deposit / withdraw funds at any time?

Additional funds may be deposited at any time. Fund withdrawals will typically take less than 48 hours (on work days), subject to the ongoing market conditions.

Q: What if I lose money?

Before you join, please be aware that losses are part of the game. If losing money will cause you a lot of stress and unhappiness, this service isn't for you.

Trading is not a smooth journey. There will be ups and downs along the way, and if you'd like to join you need to be able to trust me to deal with the "down" times.

Also, you need to understand that this is not a "get rich quick" scheme. My aim is to deliver returns over a period of 6-12 months. If you are concerned about losing money over any specific day/week/month, please do not join.

Q: Do I have to constantly monitor my sub-account?

Nope. And I recommend that you don't. The best way to enjoy this service is to just set up your account and walk away, while checking in once each month.

Q: If I join, can I still trade normally on my sub-account?

You cannot trade for yourself on the MAM sub-account, but you can do so on your regular brokerage account.